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AQuest airdrop 10/2020

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aQuest is a unique decentralized app that pays you for completing a certain task. Simple as that. aQuest offers its creators to create marketing campaigns that focus on rewarding its participants. Participants to a quest are required to finish a task in order to be eligible for a reward payment at the end of a quest. A task is a digitally verified action that a user is required to complete in order to successfully participate to a quest (Examples: Survey, Facebook Like, Airdrop).

With aQuest you can create powerful marketing campaigns that focus on rewarding its participants. Participants are required to finish a simple task in order to be eligible for a secure reward payment. On the other hand, you as a company can gather important data on your customers and boost your brand recognition.

Example: If this quest is an airdrop quest, the signee can obtain valid ERC-20 tokens at the end of the airdrop.

aQuest application helps you in building quests with innovative and intuitive cloud-based tools. These tools are accessible from all devices. Therefor managing and creating quests is simple and can be done from anywhere.

All quests integrate with Enkronos Apps and contribute to building a creators Users Pool. Quests are a great way to help build up the Users pool in Enkronos Apps while at the same time as your collection of users is building up you can engage the same users with other applications that focus on improving the engagement of users with your brand.

Our Company

Enkronos is an agency founded by highly specialized professionals with a passion for entrepreneurship and technological innovation. Our core business is developing cross-platform solutions and architectures the world of web & wireless and digital communications.

Strong leadership combined with an overwhelming willingness to adapt to the onslaught of new technologies has provided Enkronos the luxury of fulfilling our clients’ missions. Whether that means constructing a revolutionary content management system with dozens of modules or challenging our interaction design team to create meaningful relationships.

So far, our story is one of evolution. Our evolution has made all of the difference. For us, and our clients. We are specialized in developing technologies and architectures for mobile communication and structured web. We like to reinvent your productivity with strategic marketing applied to technological innovation, web and mobile design and digital communication.

➢ We are experts at Digital Platform development, Digital Strategy and Social Media Marketing.

➢ Our engineers build comprehensive custom web & mobile software applications with advanced security, integration, interoperability, scalability and complexity needs.

➢ Experience revealed that complete digital strategy comes only when developers, designers and marketing strategists work together.